Aaah..realizing only now that a simple introduction can cause so much stress!!

First of all, a big welcome to all my dear readers to “Mess-tically Mine”!!

Amysticlady, read as A-mystic-lady and not Amy-sticlady ( believe me…its happened a lot of times! ), is a pseudo-name ( obviously! ) I had created once for enrolling in an online community & it sorta….stuck!! You guys can call me Amysticlady or Amy or Anu…whichever is more comfortable 🙂

Am a simple-minded, friendly girl from the ever mystical land called India. I like reading books ( only fictions ), listening to music ( Any language ) and also watching any forms of entertainment that appeals to me like movies, dramas etc.

Just to make it clear ( since you guys are bound to notice it ), am a self-confessed  K-ENT addict! Well, my roomies can attest to that!! I discovered K-dramas in the year 2008 ( or was it 2009? ) when “Full House” was broadcasted in a channel called “Firangi” with Hindi dubbing. I actually thought it was Chinese at first ( pardon my GK!! ).When the channel discontinued the show at ep 11, I was forced to look it up in Youtube…and the rest was history!!

I learned a lot in the process though, making me see the world in a new light. And that’s the reason why I’ll never ever regret it!. Since then, I have diverged my interests to other language/cultures too..My wish is to see a world where there’s peace and harmony…no unfairness…no injustice…no inequality….no violence!! ( Well…I can always dream big! )

I’ll be blogging about things that interests me and of course about my own little world!!

Hope you all enjoy reading here and pls do feel free to comment!!





5 thoughts on “About

  1. Congrats on your new blog my dear. Hope you have a blast maintaining it (unlike someone ahem*cough*me*cough). Looking forward to your posts. Hwaiting!

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