Return of the lazy blogger

Since my internet is working fine today and am out of dramas to watch, I decided to finally brush up my blog!! I had forgotten to post this material on the day it was written. (yay…me??)

Working with a brand new keyboard today. My laptop keyboard is literally messed up. Most of the keys don’t work. Am stingy enough not to get it repaired (c’mon…that’s the only thing left unchanged in my laptop!).  Hence the long gap from anything to do with writing/ blogging.

14th June 2014

I went for a movie alone for the first time ever in my life today (Had no choice there since the movie was in my mother tongue which my friends don’t understand). Felt like more drama happened to me in the theatre than in the screen.  *Facepalm*

It all started with the popcorn. It fell down completely on the floor the moment I sat down on the seat. I was mostly worried about how to explain to the person who’s going to be sitting next to me since the damn popcorn fell under that seat. Somehow I sorted out the issue with the seatmate and the movie began.

After an hour, a lady requested me to exchange seats with her as her little girl was walking off on her own and she can control her better from the side. We exchanged seats and I really started getting involved in the movie. Suddenly I felt like there’s something wrong with the way I was sitting. To my utter dismay and embarrassment, my seat had broken and I had fallen on the floor.  Since the lady from before had gone off to the front, I went back again to my seat. The little kid was somehow fascinated with me and started coming and playing with me. How can I ask such a cutie pie to go back to her mama and let me watch the movie? Well I couldn’t…so there goes my first ever independent movie watching experience in drain.

Onto my review of the day:



Bangalore Days is an ensemble Malayalam movie starring some of the current young stars of Mollywood like Fahadh Faasil, Nazriya, Nivin Pauly, Dulquer Salmaan, Parvathy Menon and so on.

I actually watched the movie for the director Anjali Menon as she had wowed me with her short film in Kerala Cafe. And she didn’t disappoint. I loved the little details she added in the movie, like Arjun carrying a mobile with a cracked screen and Kuttan’s typical village way of clapping. The story is nothing to write home about, as I did feel some inspirations here and there from some of the Bollywood movies like Zindagi Na Milengi Doobara and Rock On.  What worked for me was the acting and the character development in the film.


The film’s about three cousins, Arjun, Divya and Krishnan who somehow end up in Bangalore for their own reasons. Arjun is the wandering gypsy type with a passion for bike race, Krishnan aka kuttan is the traditional innocent Software engineer and Divya is the fiery but caged new bride in Bangalore. Each of them has their own ideologies and way of life. But, still they are always there for each other. They stumble, they learn and they grow.

Fahadh plays Shivadas, Divya’s husband as brilliantly as ever. He’s a man with a past, and you know how that always turns out. It’s their story wherein I felt the Rock On influence.

Parvathy eases well into the role of a physically challenged RJ who brings sunshine into Arjun’s world. I somehow couldn’t connect with their story though!

My takeaway from this movie is definitely Nivin pauly. He made me laugh in almost all his scenes, either with his dialogue delivery or his expressions.

Movie’s been shown with subtitles now, so non-malayalis, if you guys get a chance to watch it, do take the plunge.

All in all, definitely an enjoyable film for youngsters (What? My dad didn’t even like “Jab we met”! Pretty sure he’s not gonna like this one too!).

My rating : 3/5.

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