Life in India #1


 What in the world is happening to my dear Country??

There’s this constant “you are kidding me” expression on my face every single time I read a newspaper these days. I am a born cynic…So kindly ignore my rants here if you feel that am being disrespectful or something. Being a hard core patriot, its hard watching my own Country going through this phase!

The crimes committed against women here are increasing day by day. Each day, I start reading the news with a sense of foreboding as to who’s the next victim. More media exposure is given to such crimes since the Nirbhaya case in Delhi. Other than some reforms made to certain Acts in the Constitution, I don’t see any other action being taken on curbing these issues.  Where are we supposed to go to if our own country is not safe enough for us? I can’t help be wary of people I see on the road. I’ve been reading certain comments made by my fellow citizens on the net asking or rather demanding for capital punishment for the culprits. But then again do we have the right to take someone’s life? If we do that, how are we different from a criminal??

To all my fellow woman citizens out there, please be safe!!  If you are working overtime till late night, try speaking to your admin people and arrange a company transport for yourselves. No job is worth your life!!

Last week there was a huge hullabaloo over the excavation done by Archaeological Survey of India at Unnao (Uttar Pradesh). The media stated that they were digging up the site because a Sadhu dreamt that there was gold hidden there.  My first reaction was “This happens only in India!!” and then I felt embarrassed on behalf of ASI. Till date they haven’t discovered any gold at the site. Now they are saying all kinds of excuses as to why they started excavation there. Good luck there people!!

Even though we are a democracy, it’s a pity that we just don’t have many good representatives to vote for in any parties. The good ones don’t have the guts or should I say…spine??  So many problems these days are plaguing India…Unemployment, corruption, economic slowdown, Rupee value fluctuation…and some of the Members of the Parliament are busy discussing which serials/dramas to ban because of their incorrect content.  Really people, really?

Speaking of guts, I read somewhere (last month maybe?) that the Brazilian President had spoken up to the American President regarding the NSA spying activities. Can’t help but applaud her bravery!  And what do the Indian officials say on this: “It’s been happening for a long time. No need to worry.”  Ha! Interfering in another country’s matters is not ethical….If countries cooperate in tracking down criminals through such measures, it’s another matter altogether. But, it should be done with a certain level of transparency.

Why can’t we have our own stand on international as well as national issues? Maintaining international relations is great, but we shouldn’t let others take advantage of us. How about being a little bit assertive Mr. PM? What happened to the so called non-alliance treaty??

One can only hope that there will be light at the end of this big dark tunnel that we are in now. Is it too late to hope for a miracle?? *sigh*

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