Random Drama Ramblings #1

Whoa..just realized that I’ve been watching way more Chinese/Taiwanese dramas for the last two weeks than K-dramas… which is kind of strange, at least in my book! What is even stranger is that I’ve been watching one of them (Lan Ling Wang) without subtitles!! (Am not exactly known for patience…hehe)

Lan Ling Wang / King of Lan Ling (till ep 21) 

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My understanding of this drama is only based on my visual interpretation. So, some of my thoughts here might feel extremely stupid/ incomprehensible. Well…You’ve been warned!!

Things I like:

  • This drama satisfies my shoujo heart in so many ways. Which is why, even though I don’t understand any of the dialogues, I still am addicted to the series. The story lacks depth, but that’s the exact reason why it’s watchable for me.
  • I like all the leads. Daniel Chan is rocking his role as Yu Wen Yong (YWY)in almost all the scenes he is in. Seriously, he deserves an award for it! (Am I stretching it too far??). But, since I don’t support second leads who are manipulative and cunning, I will not be supporting him with Ariel’s Xue Wu (XW).
  • I have not seen Feng Shao Feng’s previous works. Unlike many others, I actually like him as Lan Ling Wang (LLW). He has this majestic aura/charisma which is good, since he’s also a war lord. He’s got a cute chemistry going on with Ariel, which again, I simply adore to pieces.
  • The CG is actually okay!!

Things I don’t like:

  • To the person who styled George’s and Feng Shao Feng’s hair, why?????
  • To Xue Wu: I adore you dear…but you need to differentiate between people whom you should trust and whom you shouldn’t! come on…you are a heavenly maiden!! Show me some powers lady!! And stop thinking about your fate, like all the time!!
  • To LLW: Aren’t you supposed to be a war general?? You make all these brilliant strategies…how could you not understand the silly plots drawn up that evil girl?(what was her name again??)
  • Daniel’s screen time is just not enough!!

I’ll confess that I was extremely prickly until I saw LLW and Xue Wu get married. It’s that stupid fate thing!! (What.. only Xue Wu can get anxious over that??) I had this feeling that somehow their marriage will get thwarted at the last moment. So, while LLW was showing the paintings to Xue Wu during their wedding ceremony, I was actually shouting here asking them to just freaking marry first and then discuss about the painting!

I generally dislike story arcs with stupid crazy girls plotting against the innocent heroines. Ep 20 marks the beginning of the same arc. So yeah, I was pretty much disappointed with ep 21 (I decided to forgive ep 20, since they got married in that one!). I have put the drama on hold for the time being unless something convinces me to start watching again!!

Love Around (till ep 12)

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Things I like:

  • This is a fun watch. LA is a drama having not many dramatic elements in it. You can just watch it without any worries, coz you‘ll always know that everything will be okay at the end.
  • Lots of cute couples! Am actually waiting for the Fei Li – Jessicca ship to sail. They look so good together!!
  • Things get resolved quickly, so that we can actually move on!!
  • Most of the characters are generally nice human beings.

Things I don’t like:

  • *sigh* If only it had a ….umm…plot???
  • If you guys resolve everything so quickly, there won’t be anything left to show in the drama!

This one is ideal to watch if you have just finished watching an intense drama. Don’t expect too much from it. I would advise you guys to just go with the flow. Then, you might be able to enjoy it like me!!

Good Doctor (till ep 7)

3-Teasers-and-interview-video-for-the-Korean-drama-Good-Doctor Good_Doctor

GD is the only K-drama that am currently watching. Medical dramas are not exactly my cup of tea. But, this one managed to lure me into it within the first 15 minutes of the first episode.

Things I like:

  • A heartwarming tale that touches your heart every single episode. Kudos!!
  • Fast-paced; Complex characters; Good Acting; creepy villains
  • Love love love the cinematography!!
  • Little bits of humor woven delicately in between the screenplay.

Things I don’t like:

  • Not much actually!! But I was not exactly happy with the “Werewolf-girl” arc. Child abuse is definitely a good plot. But, the girl’s getup was so similar to Joonki’s in Werewolf Boy! They could have done something innovative there. (Just my personal opinion!!)

I sincerely recommend this drama to all the people who like stories with heart!! Well, certain plot points require suspension of belief…but then again, it’s a drama!!

And..I would also advise you guys to not watch it while you are having food..(Speaking from experience here!!)

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