Cracks in the Hallyu Armour?

EXO-exo-29950652-1280-655 (1)

When it comes to K-pop, am kind of biased towards SMTOWN artists. I got caught up in the Hallyu wave because of the SM idol group “SHINee” and they still are my personal favorites.

When EXO debuted last year ( or was it 2011? ), I just couldn’t take them seriously because of their concept ( c’mon…aliens, supernatural powers??).  If it’s a concept for the music video, I would have understood or maybe even liked it ( considering my obsession with fantasy genre ). But as a group concept, it’s quite lame. Imagine 12 young guys going on air and saying that they are from another planet called EXOPLANET and each of them have superpowers!!

Things changed for good this year when I actually got enamored by them due to their stint in the variety programme called “Weekly Idol”. I respect and love the group now, as I do know that they are very well organized and have good vocal talents.

But that’s not what I want to talk about here in this post. I’ve been following some of their TV / Radio show appearances. I can’t help but notice that some of the comments they make are kind of racist (just a personal opinion!). Two of the members, Kai and Tao are almost always made fun of for their skin colors. I actually feel offended every time I see such offhand remarks and am sure some of the other international fans might also feel so too..I’ve been reading a lot of comments on the same, trust me!

So, Am I blaming them? No, Am not coz, they seem to be quite ignorant about the issue at hand. For a rookie group, the poor guys have their own share of controversies due to sasaeng fans and what not. The problem here is that nobody’s correcting them. If SM really does have plans for global expansion, they should step in immediately and get to the core of the issue. This is an extremely sensitive issue and shouldn’t be taken lightly at all. They need to train all their young idols as to what is/isn’t appropriate to talk on media. Even though they are young, they also need to remember that they are public figures too. They can’t afford to make mistakes like this, if they want to impress their International fans.

Well…”With great fame comes great responsibility”!!

EXO Fighting!!!

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