After three months of extensive debates with myself, I FINALLY decided to give in and start this blog!! Muhahaha…( sorry, couldn’t resist!! )

I started thinking yesterday as to what my first post should be about and I realized that my whole intension of starting this blog is gonna go waste if I started to think about it. Life is not always about being perfect yunno..We mess up & then we learn how to do better!!  I know that one day am gonna look up this post and wonder “why???”.

Why I wanted to start “Mess-tically Mine”?

Because I love writing! ( eventhough I suck at it from a literary point of view! ) I started writing in my diary when I was in school and am still maintaining it. My first diary was unfortunately discovered by my sister ( well..you guys can guess what happened next! ). Since then, I’ve been maintaining my own E-diary which is easier to hide. Oh and yes, I took revenge on her by checking out some of her entries too and the best part is she still don’t know about it *insert evil laugh*

Also, I’ve always been curious as to how a blog is maintained. I follow a lot of blogs and I deeply respect each and every one of the authors. Aaah..am inspired, I guess!!

Why I hesitated in starting it?

Commitment Issues ( well..duh!! ).. I tend to gain and loose interest in new things pretty easily and hence the fear whether I’ll be able to hold on to my blog! Another problem is my own net connection ( India’s telecom sector still lags behind everyone..*sigh* ) , which just isn’t enough for me..how am I supposed to watch all the dramas with limited speed???

Another issue was the purpose or the goal of my blog ! Am gonna blame it on my professors..All those management lectures which emphasizes on having a vision & a mission ( hey, I used to listen to them sometimes in class!! ) apparently affected my cognition!!

Needless to say, I still haven’t found it. But….who cares??

Well, I reached a conclusion only yesterday : Screw everything. I’ll just do it!!

If you ask me what gave me the final push, I can only confess this : I was so damn bored!! HEHEHE

I would really like to know why you guys started/not started your own blogs!! 🙂

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